About Us


Our mission is to promote and strengthen multiculturalism in Canada by encouraging and providing the required platform and resources for active participation in social and political activities that support equality and acceptance irrespective of culture, religion, gender, caste, creed, and race.

Local members of the Sikh community in the Greater Toronto Area established the Canadian Sikh Association (CSA) in 2009. CSA will promote civic engagement and empower members of community to address issues related to human rights and social justice.The Canadian Sikh Association was officially inaugurated and introduced on Saturday, March 7th, 2009 in Brampton, Ontario . The event, Diversity Gala 2009, brought together individuals from diverse social, cultural, religious, and political backgrounds to honour and celebrate the mosaic face of our nation. Also, it gave the organization an opportunity to outline its mission and main objectives along with opening up membership to the general public.

In structure, the CSA’s general members and the Board of Directors work hand in hand in the development of governance and in formulating its policies. The association continues to enjoy a healthy growth in membership.

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